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December 27, 2005



You comments are exactly what I was feeling when Vincent Schiavelli died.I wanted to visit his town ( my roots also) in Sicily and maybe get to briefly touch base with him during a long-delayed visit to Sicily.
I was finally getting around to reading his book Bruculinu and then Many Beautiful Things, and I felt an instant bond. Not only did I find out he grew up in my neighborhood in Brooklyn, but his parents came from the same town as my grandparents, Polizzi Generosa. I savored the books, reading a chapter a night and feeling like I was transported every time I opened the pages. Then he died. I still plan to go to Sicily, but I feel like I lost a brother. I found your website when I was researching for more information about Vincent and his information about travel to Sicily.

Candace Clarke

I was looking for recipes from the movie, Amadeus, and was led to something about a cookbook that might have some recipes. I read the story about Mr. Schiavelli and was saddened to hear of the death of a man whose name I did not know, yet whose face I knew very well. I will miss his presence in the movies, for his entrance always made me smile - it was going to be good!

Eby Stefan

I first met Vincent when we lived in Brooklyn in 1956. We lived on Suydam Street for about 7 years and he lived aroung the corner on Myrtle Avenue above a pork store called Shad's. We used to sit out on the front stoop and shoot the breeze and tell jokes into the night almost every night. As it turned out, his 1st cousin married my x-husbands sister. Vincent was such a nice man. Very intelligent and kind. We lost contact over the years and I always had in be back of my mind to get in touch with him. Now of course, I am sorry I didn't. I was deeply sadened to hear he passed away. I loved seeing him in the movies. He did such a wonderful job playing whatever part he got. I also remember when, for a short time, he had a part in a weekly show on TV called "The Corner Bar". But I will always remember him as a tall lanky young man who could make me laugh and altho' we lost contact over the years I will miss him very much. My condelences to his family. Eby Stefan AKA Bea Mc Cormack.

Eby Stefan

P.S. Sincere thanks to Danny DeVito for all you did for Vincent. God Bless for your kindness and generosity!


I miss Vincent more and more every day. Still very sad that he is no longer with us. Rest in peace, Vincent. :'( You will always have a special place in my heart.

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