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November 14, 2009



He he, I also stalked Obama's route from the embassy to the Imperial grounds and out again.

Anyone notice how the Tokyo temperature rose about 5 degrees when Obama was here? He is speaking hot air...

Calton Bolick

It's a side effect: basically, you're so full of shit that the decay process has overheated you.

I recommend a good colonic, and don't forget to insert the nozzle into the right place: your ear. Good luck!

IP address:

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[Trolling disemvoweled]

Calton Bolick

I'm not a press photographer, Mr Internet Tough Guy, I was using a camera phone. You've heard of those, right? They do let you use complicated stuff like that at your group home, right? Ask your attendant to explain it to you.

Calton Bolick

And what do you mean by "the car"? There are at least a dozen vehicles in the original photo: don't know how to count either? Or is the whole "definite article" thing in the English language a bit of a challenge for you?

IP address:

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[Trolling disemvoweled]

Calton Bolick

Don't flatter yourself, moron, it wasn't a "hurried" update: it was one of the many photos I took that day, and I'd already uploaded it before your previous bit of superior--minded-yet-utterly-unearned idiocy was posted. Let me guess: you read The Daily Mail and you move your lips when you do so.

'The car' refers to the vehicle that is blocking any meaningful view of any other cars in that photo

Ah, so the answer is you can't count. Grammar school not work out for you?

however sarcasm from an American is a rare collectible treat

Buckwheat, "sarcasm" is the Designated Mode of Expression for the entire city of New York, so you're sounder even stupider. News of the World your paper, then?

Calton Bolick

Oh, and I've blocked you from any further commenting, so you're free to go back to your drinking and moaning. Say hello to Nick Griffin for me, will you, the next time you see him?

IP Address

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nd wth tht, nw y cn g hd nd prtct yr frgl g, mn, blck m.

Calton Bolick

My ego's quite fine, thank you. My patience with morons -- particularly persistent ones, and especially persistent lying ones -- is rather thinner, however.

You WERE blocked -- by IP number, which you dodged by the simple expediency of using a different one this time. I've helpfully included those numbers in your comments so you can see. Kita Cable the first few times, KDDI the most recent.

As persistent --- and thick -- as you've shown yourself to be, I guess your next stop will be your neighborhood Internet café so you can indulge in some more dick-waving, but since you'll be paying for the privilege and contributing to the salaries of the café employees, I can't really object to the positive effect on the economy. Of course, you'll still be disemvoweled and blocked so it will be pointless, but hey, everyone needs a hobby, even gaijin morons with self-control issues. Good luck with that treatment, by the way!

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